What “Barcelona Model”?

I have reviewed in Barcelona Metròpolis the book by Alessandro Scarnato about politics and urbanism in Barcelona in 1979-2011 and the meaning of the “Barcelona Model”.

Today, the term “Barcelona Model” has several different meanings, not just because the elements it incorporates have evolved over the years, but because there is much discussion on which elements actually form part of it.

Some define it as a redistributive and participative urbanism, born from the struggles of the transition to democracy and soiled by the Olympic Games, while Alessandro Scarnato sees it as an urban transformation programme inspired by social democratic ideals (that never fully materialised), using public and private capital, in which architects made an intellectual and civic commitment to modernise outdated infrastructure and services and to build a city that works for its people, with tourism as a crucial economic driver (more)

Full text on line: Genís Barnosell, “What “Barcelona Model”?“, Barcelona Metròpolis, n.103, april 2017

Book: Alessandro Scarnato, Barcelona supermodelo. La complejidad de una transformación social y urbana (1979-2011), Editorial Comanegra / Barcelona City Council, Barcelona, 2016


Quant a gbarnosell

Historiador; professor d'institut, col·laborador de l'Institut de Recerca Històrica de la Universitat de Girona i de L'Avenç
Aquesta entrada s'ha publicat en Barcelona Metròpolis i etiquetada amb . Afegiu a les adreces d'interès l'enllaç permanent.

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